Tuesday, 15 January 2008


I'm not feeling particularly inspired today- it seems to be taking a lot of effort to think things through which is proving problematic as I have a lot of tricky tasks that I have to get done. Am starting to feel as though I have to work my way through a corkscrew without touching the sides. Very Granny Weatherwax.
So because of lack of inspiration, or possibly having too much of it, I have very little to comment on or report today other than to say 'Look at my sock wool- isn't it lovely?'. I seem to have become completely and totally addicted to socks which is something I would never have imagined. I started a new pair of baby socks yesterday just because I read a newsletter from Lionbrand that featured a nice stitch and I wanted to try it. I have no idea who the socks will actually go to in the end- I just wanted to make them. Luckily for me we seem to know lots of people who are having babies at the moment so I'm sure that they will be suitable for someone and they are rather natty I have to say. Check out the slide show for a starter picture (yes, I am that enamoured with them that I've put a picture of them on already and I've only knitted an inch or two of the first sock!)

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