Friday, 11 January 2008

The sea is calling me

I really miss living next to the sea so it seems really odd that I ended up in one of the most land locked places in Britain. There are just enough green spaces round here to keep me happy with plenty of little nature reserves and woodlands to potter through but there is something about walking along a beach that just can't be topped. I used to spend entire summers on the beach when I was little. I always thought I would end up working or researching squishy things that live in shells. Strangely enough however I do not have a passion for boats or sailing about on the water (I have been known to get extremely seasick on occasion). I love snorkeling and enjoy scuba diving although I will always be a bit of a edge creeper rather than a deep diver. I just don't like bobbing about on top of the water. I also have strange phobias about seaweed and sharks. Maybe that's why I prefer the beach- it feels just that bit safer. It's also much more interesting as far as its ecology goes as it's a transitional zone. It's where land meets sea and the mighty battle of erosion and deposition takes place. The fauna and flora have all kinds of amazing adaptive strategies and have evolved any manner of bizarre body forms. Colour and texture are used and explored to the full which in some respects is even more weird as colour is of much less use to creatures that live underwater as the sea acts as such a wonderful filter for light.
But at the end of the day, a beach is just the perfect place to walk the dog, party with friends or just sit and watch the sun go down.

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