Friday, 25 January 2008

I still fell ow...

...and it's only getting worse so you will all have to forgive me for not posting at the moment. My brain has turned to goo and all I can manage is sitting and coughing in a pathetic manner. I am going to escape work early today and have an afternoon snooze to see if that will help me to feel any better ( I really do feel as though I could sleep for a week at the moment). The house looks as though someone has dropped a grenade in there and run away giggling. We have people visiting this weekend so I have to get it all clean and tidy which is going to use most of my energy. I think we will be employing the method of throwing things into the front bedroom and shutting the door on all the mess. That way we can pretend it doesn't exist whilst creating an illusion of being diligent householders who look after their home. At least the kittens will be happy to see me. They love having someone in the house during the week as it means that they can run round and trash stuff. They are currently working on a project to push all the CD's off of the shelving and if you've seen our CD collection then I'm sure you can appreciate just how much of a mess that that is making. I think the kittens only do it to see if the cases all make the same noise when they hit the floor. They have a habit of pushing one off, looking startled when it makes a noise and then they pause and consider it for a bit whilst casting suspicious glances at the case on the floor. Then they push another one off. If any off them don't fall quite right then they just look offended. We are going to have to install baby rails on the shelves at this rate, along with those catches that make it impossible to get into cupboards!

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