Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Birthday stash

Look at it! Is it not a thing of beauty?
My mum let me go wild at the weekend in Spin-a-Yarn, (which is in Bovey Tracey and is another store I can now tick off on my check list) the results of which can be seen above. There was just such a good selection of unusual yarns that I went for a bit of everything instead of lots of one thing. I guess much of this is just for having but I have started to have a think about what I might make out of it. Of course the striped skeins are going to make socks and I think that the bobbley stuff might go into a handbag and then the stripey pink stuff with all those wonderful electric colours in it might go into fingerless gloves- or then again I might use it as an embellishment in a top (I need to find the right wool to go with it). The yellow I bought because it is a) yellow and b) has silk in it and so is soft and shiny. It is very rare that I will buy silk because of the ethical problems associated with it (what with me being a bug lover and all) but this stuff was too hard to resist and the brand comes in so many strong colours that I love. I have no idea what I am doing with that one however. The stripey white and red stuff at the back I have four balls of because the yardage is so short and I think I might have an inkling of an idea what to do with it but it will require more brain power before I commit anything to paper.
In the meantime I shall pile it all up and snuggle down and then spend a few minutes squeezing each ball, unravelling a small length of yarn to look at the colours and rub each ball in turn against my cheek. I find it helps the little grey cells!

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