Monday, 2 June 2008

Garden update

Just so that you all know-

Lettuces: These have now filled the mini greenhouse and are doing very well. The height gradient has evened itself out so that they are now almost all the same size, mainly due to a good application of water and miracle grow to the affected area.

Cucumbers: The ones in the greenhouse have now almost reached the roof and are looking happy and healthy. They will soon require the roof to be lifted so that they can grow up and over the sides. The ones that I re-potted perked up no end and I gave some to my mum as I then had 15 spare. Upon returning home after my weekend away the ones that I left outside are okay but looking a bit bedraggled after all the rain we had. One of them had been completely eaten by a slug who was still stuck to the remaining stump, sucking away happily. Needless to say it came to a sticky end.

Tomatoes: All doing fantastically well though the normal tomatoes are doing better than the Black Cherry ones as they got a bit water logged at the weekend. These will all soon be ready for planting out in the grow bags me thinks.

Pumpkins: Now all have huge leaves and are looking healthy. They need training over the side of the raised border however as the leaves are starting to shade out my carrots and onions.

All others seem to be doing well. Both the Runner Beans and the Sunflowers have shot up and now need thinning and cane support put in place. Onions, Carrots and Leeks have all started sprouting but there are plenty of weeds coming up as well which all need pulling. Sweet corn has sprouted and whilst they are a little on the small side seem to be quite happy. We have no idea what is going on with the Parsnips however as the tub is full of all sorts of plants and we (still) haven't got a clue what baby parsnips look like.

In other news I have some more plants to add in. We bought a big tub and some herbs to plant in it though Tragos only had Oregano, Rosemary and Thyme. I still need to get Basil, Chives and Coriander (though I think I will grow this from seed seeing as how it is so easy to do!). I also got myself a little lavender bush that I'm going to plant in the front garden for the bees. It will take a while to get established but should put on a good show next year with luck. Finally, my mum gave me some extra vegetables though where I shall put them I have no idea! I have three squash plants and two mystery plants that might be melons, but then again, might not. I am going to have to have a good sort through the shrubbery to find the right place to put all these things. I also got myself some Miracle Grow and Slug Killer at the weekend which will keep me busy for a few minutes this evening. I found a lily beetle on my lillies this morning which has pushed this to the top of the list as the red mist descended.

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