Monday, 16 June 2008

A new addiction

Okay, so everyone knows that I like my computer games despite my best efforts at hiding this. I always try and play it down whenever I can as it's nice to feel as though you have a dirty little secret but its better to have one of the comforting kind (it doesn't really matter if people find out what a nerd I am or how much of my life I waste fighting bad guys after all).
Well, I've gone and got me a new game to be addicted to. My brother got it for me for my birthday but I only received said gift when I went down to Devon to visit the family. I'd managed to ignore it for a week or so before I caved in and sat down to play it. It's essentially a puzzle game with a land-overrun-by-zombies-orcs-and-evil-monsters kind of plot to it. I get to be a hero- pick from the four usual categories of Druid, Warrior, Wizard or Ninja (actually I've forgotten what the fourth category is but you get my point)- and I fight monsters in a matching three of a kind or more coloured blobs type style. The coloured blobs represent mana that lets me cast kick-ass spells. I can also build my own fortress, capture monsters and learn spells from them or train them as mounts, I can forge magical items and lay siege to other kingdoms whilst at the same time following some kind of tenuous story that strings this all together. It's kind of like a slightly more complicated version of connect four where instead of two colours you have four colours of mana, gold, experience points and explosive skulls (that inflict damage on your enemy) to line up. I really like the exploding skulls bit.
I manged to 'waste' most of my day yesterday playing this game though the thing that I feel most guilty about is getting the husband addicted to it as well. There in a multi player function where you can battle an opponent that may cause some friction in the household over the coming week. What would have been really cool though was if you could do all of the quest in some kind of interactive fashion in a similar manner to Gauntlet. The husband and I have spent many happy hours playing Gauntlet together with only minor arguments over who is getting most of the gold. With this in mind I have now seriously started saving up for the Wii version of House of the Dead. I will be buying to two of the hand held pistol adaptors for the Wiimotes and the husband and I can go on a romantic killing spree.

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