Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Ginger Nuts

Not sure if I mentioned this already but I was in work for the day last Saturday so that some researchers and a volunteer could come in and use the department. It was a lovely day with many a fun conversation, one of which revolved around the best kind of biscuit for dunking in tea. In my current opinion (please note that this is liable to change with the seasons) ginger nuts are best and have been a long standing favourite of mine. They have a nice tangy flavour, hold their shape well when dunked with none of those annoying gooey bits that drop off into your tea and are not so sweet that it ruins your tea for you. Plus they have the added bonus of having ginger in them which everyone knows is really really good for you so therefore ginger nuts are too. See?- good logic!
Anyway, I had noticed over the last couple of days that a couple of packets of ginger nuts had turned up in the coffee room in our department. There was one on the side where the biscuits live and another on top of one of the printers which I just assumed had been put there out of the way for a special occasion. I had thought it odd however but not nearly as odd as the ones I found in the microwave at half seven this morning! This was utterly confusing for my sleep deprived brain but it did occur to me that maybe my visitors had planted them. I found two more packets after searching the office- one wedged between some box files (I nearly missed this one as it was stood upright with the label outwards so looked like a book on the shelf) and another in the back of the fridge! This made five packets of ginger nuts in total, one of which being a double pack. So many biscuits..... It did make me laugh like a hyena every time I found one and I've been giggling about it all day since then. Seems like a good payment for a days work as far as I'm concerned!

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