Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Squirrel sandwiches

Think my kittens can no longer be called kittens- they will have to have the new badge of being called cats :( Am very disappointed by this but I found what was left of a squirrel in my back garden last night so can no longer kid myself that Hoshi and Fenway are the cute little fluffy bundles of fur that they once were but have now morphed into sleek, well muscled killing machines. Not sure which one of them bought it home and it looked more like roadkill than catkill to me what with it being a bit flat round the edges but I'm pretty sure that it was Fenway who ate all the squishy bits as he exploded the cat tray last night and pretty much gassed us out of the house. I don't think he was feeling too well this morning, nor do I feel that he will be mourning the loss of his squirrel. It's a step up from playing with frogs as they bounce through our garden to next doors pond (they have played with and murdered 4 frogs this year that I know of despite my best efforts. It didn't help that the pond got rip in it at prime commuter season as it meant that the frogs didn't have anywhere to hide from my monsters) and one down from 'proud hunter' level. It does mean that I am going to have to invest some more money in effective worming treatments if they are going to be eating manky bits of dead stuff that they have found in the gutter though. Eugh. Though on an interesting anatomical aside I did notice that they had merely hollowed out the body cavity by opening up the stomach so if one had wanted too then it would have been possible to have dried the skin out and done a little skull replacement therapy and you'd have ended up with a tiny squirrel fur rug akin to the polar bear and lion ones that the Victorians favoured. It would certainly be a more appropriate fit for my hallway.

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