Monday, 2 June 2008

Long weekend in Devon

One thing that I love about going to see my parents is the fact that I have access to a really good digital camera whilst there. It's a top of the range 'happy snap camera' rather than a hardcore-costs-thousands-of-pounds-professional-camera which makes it both lighter and easier to use (it's practically idiot proof). Now I'm not going to go into the ins and outs of digital versus film as I believe that there are things to be said for both formats. For me personally, digital is the preferred format of choice at the moment but only because I can't afford to have films printed and I don't have access to a darkroom to do it myself. If these circumstances changed then I would probably feel quite different.
Moving on from that however.... I would like to present two of my favourite photos from the weekend. Not because they are particularly good quality wise but because the first, which is of Hoshi, just happens to have been timed to perfection (more fluke than skill me thinks) and the other just illustrates to perfection what being a Hungarian Puli is all about. If you haven't seen this breed of dog before then I have to say 'yes' those are dreadlocks!

Hoshi giving me 'The Squint' and Tallulah with flowers in her fur

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