Friday, 13 June 2008

Blue eyeshadow

I have been experimenting with blue eyeshadow over the last few days to see if I can make my mind up about whether it suits me or not. My mum gifted me a huge palette of eyeshadow that has something like 70 colours in it, of which at least 14 are blue and it seemed a shame to not use these ones hence the trial. So far the answer has been NO but it's been a few years since I've worn it so I felt that it was something I should try again. I think that the answer is going to remain as a no after just having looked at myself in the bathroom mirror. Now I have to wear it all day at work as well. D'oh. It's not that the colours aren't nice- the one I picked this morning is wonderful electric blue- it's just that I don't suit blue. Purple looks great, green is okay and warm pinks and browns work well with all my freckles. I can go dark with black but tend to avoid white based colours as I just look startled but blue is just not for me. I shall be making a note to avoid these ones in future unless I do something funky and use a bunch of different colours for some reason.

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