Wednesday, 2 July 2008

And breathe

Hah! Turns out useless bloke on freecycle hadn't checked his spam box which is where his computer was sending my e-mails. This is now all sorted and he is due to pick his stuff up soon as is the lady who wanted the pink fur. I have bypassed all responsibility re their pick up by putting their stuff in the recycling box next to my front door. This makes this whole process mega easy and I am now a happy stress free freecycler once more. I think have more stuff to go on it this coming weekend but I need to sort through my shed first and have a good poke around in the back room. The thrill of clearing out some of the junk is getting to me and if I get really carried away I might even attempt to sort out the loft which is in terrible need of a good tidy. Of course, it's much easier just to carry on ignoring that mess as I can't see any of it :)

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