Thursday, 24 July 2008

Busy times and busted arms

Have been SOOOOO busy for the last couple of weeks. All the running around at work has now finished as various work experience kiddies and volunteers have trotted off to do other things. Whilst its been fun it's also be totally exhausting and I shall be quite glad by the time Friday afternoon comes around. However next week we have lots of work to do then as well as we will be fitting our new kitchen. The husband has been at home this week getting the room ready. We had an evening of arguing over fixing the ceiling last night- cutting plasterboard is not the most easy of things and when you are both over tired and feeling huffy its even more difficult. We did manage to get it done though and it doesn't look too bad. I have to go home tonight and get creative with some plaster to make it look spiky like the rest of the ceiling which is the next interesting moment. I can get on with that by myself however and so there will be less opportunity for falling out with each other. It still surprises me how long these things take to get done despite the fact that we have had enough experience to tell us different. The kitchen took all of an afternoon to strip out but will take two weeks to fill back in again. The parents-in-law arrive late on Friday and bring the new kitchen with them so next week will be full of forceful debate. Right now the idea of it is enough to make me tired but I'm hoping that I will be able to get a good nights sleep between now and then. I'm going to need it as its going to be a good week before I'll get to put my feet up. We don't have any plans for the rest of the summer as of yet other than to wait for a sunny week and put the sun loungers out in the back garden. It should be good though- I can watch the pumpkins grow and do a bit of knitting if my arm is better by then.
Ah yes, this is the reason for the busted arm comment. My RS injury in my left arm has been making itself known for the last three weeks or so and I have not been able to do any knitting (bar a little sock knitting every now and again) which is making me miserable. I have to be good though and save it for decorating next week so heaven knows when I'll really get a chance to have a good knit. I really want to get my skull scarf finished and there's some lovely wool at home that requires my attention. I have a bunch of sock wool awaiting me along with all the nice things I got for my birthday. And I ahve plans, plans I tell you. Just wait and see.

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