Monday, 28 July 2008

Whew, well that was a busy weekend

We just managed to get the kitchen painted in time. Just. Really it needs another coat of paint but the parents-in-law turned up and we had to down tools for the night. All the important bits got painted though which is, well, the important bit! As a consequence of all our hard and diligent work however, we had to get up and get going Saturday morning. The runts-in-law are not letting any grass grow under their feet- or indeed, ours. We unpacked the kitchen, fitted half of the bottom cupboards, fitted all the wall cupboards, got the woodwork in the hallway glossed and faced the door frame in the kitchen just on Saturday. The boys did most of the hard work in the kitchen and the mother-in-law did all the painting with me floating around cleaning the incoming bits of kitchen and planning layout. This sounds like a good deal on my part but it basically meant that I was at everyone elses beck-and-call for the day. I enjoyed it however- especially getting to plan the layout for the kitchen and adding in details I hadn't thought about. For instance, it just so happens that I get an extra cupboard on the wall, a towel rail down the side of the fridge and a special shelf for my cookery books. The kittens get their own corner set-up with work surfaces to sleep on and a set of shelves to put all their toys and tins of food on. The best bit of it all though was that I got to start putting things back in the kitchen as early as Saturday afternoon. Last week was spent living in a little kingdom of boxes after we emptied the kitchen out. I haven't been able to put everything away as there are more cupboards to go in and the dreaded plumbing of the sink to tackle but the majority of crockery and foodstuffs are away. We don't yet have work surfaces though which makes it interesting when it comes to cooking dinner but the fun bit is that you can just reach into drawers without opening them if you need cutlery. Hopefully it will all be done by the end of the week (crosses all fingers and toes) and then the kitchen will look amazing. It already looks completely different and just so much better it's almost hard to believe that its in our house and not someone elses. We are going to have a pimped out house by next weekend! esp. as painting is getting done at the same time. The best bit of all though is that the father-in-law bought a massive power drill with him that is not only good fun to use but makes holes in two seconds flat. Previously to this we practically had to hand chisel them if we wanted to hang anything. The walls of our house seem to be made of super hard concrete that defies normal convention and mocks standard power tools. I will now be able to finish off all of those little irksome jobs in the rest of house that required th use of a drill like curtain tie-back hooks and hanging the 'door' to my wardrobe. Haha! What a great way to spend a monday evening...

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