Friday, 18 July 2008

Anyone got a spare £6,000?

Or any idea how I might get it? Have just discovered that Queensland University runs a Masters course in Entomology which sounds pretty cool but I need £6,000 to pay the course fees. But then again maybe there just isn't any point in doing it- it's not like choosing entomology is a great career path after all.
So tempting however. I'd get to live in Australia for a year (gutted I'm sure) and study bugs whilst I'm there. The husband would be forced to come with me (equally gutted) and we'd be able to travel, see friends and try and find Hobbits in New Zealand. Putting the money worries aside there are only 3 downsides that I can see. Firstly, if I give up my job at the museum it ain't going to be there when I get back and if I don't work here then where? Secondly, what do we do with the house whilst we are gone? and lastly, what about my cats???
Only one of those is relatively easy to answer- the cats can always go and live with granny and grandpa for a year but the other two problems are far from easy to solve. I guess some of it just depends on how the housing market goes. And how much of our debt we manage to get cleared over the next year. Eurgh, there's a depressing thought. Maybe I should just stop dwelling on these things and assume that everything will work out for the best.
Oh, to have that kind of faith...

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