Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Happy birthday to Fenway and Hoshi

My cats were 1 this Sunday so we had a little birthday party and fed them fish. It would have been a bit more of an exciting celebration had the husband not been horribly hung over after an all night drinking binge. I punished him by waving some salmon in his face when he was looking his most green. I was feeling fine though being a much more sensible person than him, so sang happy birthday to them both and made a fuss by myself. They had salmon pieces for breakfast with little chunks throughout the day whenever they popped back in though the cat flap to see how the corpses were (we had a couple of other bodies at one point) and for their tea they had a tin of mackerel fillets between them. I think Hoshi felt that this was all a bit suspicious and kept looking at her bowl as though somehow it was going to transform into Whiskers as she started eating it. Fenway on the other hand had no qualms about it and stuffed his little furry face until he was all fat and sleepy and came and cuddled up with me on the sofa. We had enough salmon left over that they could have it for their tea last night and I was going to give them some cream for pudding (all this postponed from Sunday as I figured that they'd eaten enough) but they were too stuffed with fish again. So so far they have managed to have three day birthday which is spoiling them horribly but they both have lovely glossy coats at the moment and are looking quite contented with the world. I am especially pleased by this as I was starting to get paranoid that someone was feeding them as their behaviour has not been so good recently. They kept being late for dinner and not finishing meals but I reckon they are now back onside after realising that we're they only people stupid enough to feed them salmon.

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  1. Their lovely glossy coats are currently soaking wet. As I discovered when Hoshi bounced up onto my lap and proceeded to dry herself using me as a bemused and probably quite inefficient towel. Still, at least it was only rainwater and not pond mess this time.