Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Look what I made

I made stitch markers! I have put up all of the photos that I took onto my flickr page but thought I'd post my two favourites on here. The ladybird ones are for me because I thought I needed spoiling (don't I always?). I did think that they were the last two beads but I found more! along with some Hello Kitty and cake charms that my mum had bought for me. The Hello Kitty ones will have to be used as phone or bag charms though as they have wings on the back and are going to get snagged in thread. The cake charms will be okay (I'll take a picture sometime) though I think will be best for chunky knitting as they are quite large and would just look daft next to delicate lace work. My second but oh-so-close favourites are the skull stitch markers. I have made a couple of sets for friends and one pink set as an experiment. I reckon they look a lot better with the red beads though I wish I had some larger ones that are closer in size to the pink ones. The skulls are double sided which is nice as it doesn't matter so much if they spin that way as there is always a little face grinning at you one way or another :)

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