Tuesday, 18 March 2008

All things skully

For some reason my brain has been stuck on knitted skulls today. I think it's keeping me amused whilst I plough my way through the tedium that is the new displays at work (it's reached the killer stage of adjusting minor details rather than just gluing things together which is much more fun I have to say!).
Anyway, after a few minutes perusing the internet and having a think about the sorts of things I have seen around I have made a short list of my favourite knitted goods that have skulls on. So in no particular order I give you The skull illusion scarf, Skull stockings and Skull and crossbones beanie. I now have plans to make all of these though I have no idea when I would be able to fit them into my busy knitting schedule! I realised this morning that I have a knitting deadline now on my friends scarf which was originally meant for an xmas present but got postponed due to over committing myself. I am seeing her in about three weeks though- eek! and I only really figured that out this morning. Its one of those dates that seems like ages away but then sneaks up really quickly and bites you on the ass. I am already working on three different projects at once at the moment and adding in a fourth is going to be a real pain. The worst thing is that I don't then have enough time to devote to any one project so it feels as though nothing is really getting done. I think the worst one for this is the cat bed that I am knitting which just involves going round and round in circles trying to make it big enough for Fenway- he is a pretty leggy cat now after all, and it is so slow as its hundreds of stitches at this point due to all the increases. I keep getting fed up and measure it against the cat every round or so. I just know that it will end up either miles too big or too small as I'm not following a set pattern for it at all, more sort of making it up as I go along. Oh well, I'm sure Fenway won't mind either way anyway.

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