Monday, 3 March 2008

To Gloucester and back

After having failed to find anything interesting to talk about last week I have a rather busy and fun week ahead of me and so shall be overflowing with stories by Friday. Today looks as though it will be rather calm however- its a sort of run up day so that I can get stuck in to the rest of the week with vim and vigour. Work should be relatively restful so I have time to attack the paperwork and then this evening I have to dust off the posh frock and shoes ready for Wednesday when I have a formal dinner to go to in London. I also have plans to finish the second sock tonight which will please me no end as it means that I will then have finished the husbands socks which is pretty good in itself but also means that I can start the next pair which look as though they are going to be very exciting to knit and the pattern is a toe up one (not tried it that way before).
Anyway, yesterday heralded the start of my exciting week with a trip to Gloucester to see my Nana. I took her two enormous bunches of flowers that where full of roses and lilies and may have been a little excessively large in retrospect. We did microwave training and had what turned out to be a lovely lunch of cottage pie (we love you M&S). Nana is recovering well after her fall though her leg is still a bit stiff and sore and she has to hobble to get around so she is not allowed to do any cooking that involves carrying hots pans etc around. So the family has got her a microwave and instructed her that she is to only eat food that can be cooked in it but she keeps forgetting how to use it or that she has ever used it in the first place. Repeated use will soon solve that problem however. I spent a very pleasant afternoon chatting about various things whilst doing a spot of knitting and then nipped back home in the car. It's only about an hour and a quarter away which makes it an easy enough drive and only one person really tried to kill me (when I rule the world driving tests will made much more difficult and you will have to resit it every few years so as to keep complete bloody idiots off of the road) so I consider it a success all round really. I just wish I had more time to go over and see her as it gets a bit lonely being stuck in the house with a broken hip all the time. I did have to give up cleaning the house in exchange (and I was devastated by this as I'm sure you'll understand) for visiting but I've decided not to worry about it at the moment. The house will just have to stay mucky as I have a busy week ahead of me now and no time to clean. As a quickie solution to this I shall be wearing blinkers all week but it will make for more interesting stories than 'tales of cleaning the bathroom' I'm sure.

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