Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Time compression

I had a very hectic evening last night. I went straight from work to my knitting group and spent a very pleasant two hours chatting and knitting my fluffy tank top which is zipping along nicely. Unfortunately one of the consequences of having such a good time is that I didn't hear my phone ringing which meant that I missed a number of phone calls from frantic friends looking for overnight accommodation in Oxford. When they finally managed to get a hold of me we had a desperate rush across Oxford so that I could get changed and feed my kittens before heading out to a local restaurant to help celebrate a friends successful completion of his viva for hisDPhil (congratulations still going out there by the way).
Problem was that Tuesday night is my relaxation evening when I knit, watch CSI, read patterns and generally revel in having the house to myself whilst the husband is out playing darts. So by about 10 is was gently nodding off and getting confused about why no one was being finger printed or accused of murder. There was lots of new people to meet- all of whom where super lovely, but I was having trouble concentrating on the conversations and hearing them above the background music and susurrus of voices. I then had to shepherd two drunken men back to my house and try to pack them into bed which inevitably didn't happen until stupid o'clock in the morning, which in turn led to me sleeping in this morning and being late for work. I didn't sleep well either so I have been fighting off the yawns for most of today and have only managed to stay awake by maintaining a constant stream of caffeinated drinks into my body. This was essential for my survival at work today as I have needed to use my brain in order to figure out the basics of insect robotics in order to then write about them for the new displays. There is a ton of stuff that I could now relay on this subject to y'all but I'm sure you'll be pleased to hear that I'm not going to. Instead I shall just provide you with this link to the most interesting paper that I found that demonstrates how water striders move across the water surface. It has pretty pictures if that tempts you.

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