Tuesday, 1 April 2008

So long

Can't believe that I have been away from y'all for so long! Well, I have a good reason. Come the long weekend that we had for Easter I was struck down and condemned to illness for the next two weeks. I have been suffering with a kidney infection- and I mean suffering. Can't believe how much it hurts! Or how crippling it is . The doctor put me on some hardcore antibiotics which has now started to make a difference (ah! sweet relief) but last week was mainly spent lying in bed going ow, snoozing or reading a book. Even getting up and walking around proved to be somewhat of a problem. So I ended up stuck in the house on my own. The kittens kept me company for a bit but all they really wanted to do was run around in the garden. I think they figured that seeing as how I was at home then they should be let out to enjoy the sunshine. So I let them out and then got left on my own :( Every now and again one of them would pop through the cat flap to make sure that I hadn't disappeared but even then they were not exactly great conversationalists. I didn't even get much knitting done!!! as it required me to sit upright and that hurt far too much. All that I managed to make was a knitted bunny which looks much more complicated than it actually is- all you have to do is make a square of knitting and then sew in up in a particular way. The finished item is particularly cute though! (I know, I know- I said that I wouldn't start anything new for a bit but I couldn't coupe with anything that involved complicated patterns . As it was I didn't even manage to follow the directions for this pattern all that well as I knitted my square in garter stitch instead of stocking stitch. Hence the funny ribbing on my bunny!)

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