Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Last weekend

I do remember. We got up early doors on saturday and went into town to buy crockery and collect the photos from our scottish holiday. We then went and bought a boot load of compost and some propagators so that I can get my seeds on the go. Finally we went up to charity shop central and had a good mooch around. I wanted some shoes for sunday as we were scheduled for a birthday lunch with my nana so I popped into Peacocks (I figured that it was pointless spending lots of money on shoes I wasn't going to wear very often) and discovered that although they had appropriate footwear none of it fitted me as their version of a size 6 foot is one of someone who has been shrunk in the wash and thus had midget feet. This disappointment was made up for by the fact that I found some lovely crochet blankets in another shop and a fantastic pair of shoes in T. K. Maxx after we made an emergency run there later in the day.
I had a lovely afternoon potting up, digging and sowing seeds. My lettuces, cucumbers, pumpkins, gourds and tomatoes are now out and getting ready to sprout. I have replaced the bay tree that I accidentally killed and I'm hoping that it will have grown in enough by the time the mother-in-law visits that she doesn't notice it's a different plant.
Sunday we went to Gloucester and had a lovely lunch with the family in celebration of my nanas 86th birthday. We had a lovely lunch but my nan was having a bad day memory wise and kept repeating herself. She also refused to wear her hearing aid so we all had to repeat ourselves as well- usually loudly, which must have annoyed all the other guests in the restaurant. I got to wear my new shoes and look fan-tab-ulous darling. It did make me realise just how much of a bunch of midgets my mums side of the family is though. It felt like I could have picked them all up and pocketed them one by one! The evening was spent curled up on the sofa watching the new disappointingly predictable episode of Midsomer Murders. We'd worked it out by about the 2nd ad-break though we had to sit through to the end just to make sure of course :)

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