Monday, 21 April 2008

Vegetable goodness

I need compost. Lots of compost. And when I have my compost I shall plant my seeds and they shall grow and grow and grow and I shall have large quantities of vegetably goodness to munch on this summer. Mmmmmm, vegetables.
The husband and I spent yesterday prepping the ground, shifting stuff around in the back garden and mowing the lawn. I had meant to plant all my seeds out then but I hadn't realised that I had no compost left. D'oh.
But never fear- I shall be away to the gardening center sometime this week and the seeds will soon be tucked up snuggly in their little pots. Not long after I expect them to be yawning and stretching themselves out, ready for a summers worth of sunshine.
My leeks and onions are already coming through though the leeks are only about a centimetre tall at the moment. The onions are much further on and are about 7 centimetres tall despite being planted at the same time. By the end of this week I will also have carrots, sweetcorn, lettuce, tomatoes, parsnips and gourds on the go. After the weekend I will have my rain barrel installed so that my pumpkins will grow extra big this summer and I won't have to worry about wasting water. After that I shall turn my thoughts to a compost heap though we don't really have anywhere to put a compost heap so I might get myself a 'womery' (for growing worms) instead. With a little luck I will manage to grow some edible goodness this summer though I am feeling that I have no idea what I am doing and that if I get anything at all it will be an absolute miracle. Green fingers need to be grown first me thinks.

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