Friday, 4 April 2008

Remote controlled dragonfly

Just arrived this morning: 1 remote controlled dragonfly! It's for the new displays at work but of course we HAD to give it a go to make sure that it worked. So I had a little play in department but all I managed to work out was that there wasn't enough turning room for it to work properly. Had nothing to do with my inability to work the controls nonononononono. But then the boss came back, took one look at it and decided that we should go and play with it out on the lawn in front of our building. We had a few difficulties at first as it kept nose-diving every time we launched it as it was a bit too windy outside for the model but we discovered that if we chucked it up really high then we could normally get it to take and we both managed to get one really long good flight out of it before the batteries ran out. Awesome. I nearly got it stuck in a tree on my go, and the boss nearly wedged it on the roof of the building after one particularly strong gust lifted it up really high. I'm not sure how much control we had over it because of the wind. The flapping wings did more to keep it up than give it any directional control but it was good fun nonetheless. I think if we manage to get a day when the air is really still it will work beautifully. Of course are all itching to try it out in the central courtyard of the museum but as I pointed out, we would have no deniability if we got it wedged in the t-rex - no one in the museum would even hesitate over pointing a finger at our department for a second ;)

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