Tuesday, 22 April 2008

It's easier to hate people

I'm having one of those days where social interaction just makes me angry. Which is not good as I'm off to my knitting group shortly but that tends to relax me so it shouldn't be too much of a worry. I just can't help being really short with people today- I'm being very intolerant. Not to the point where I'm being a bitch I don't think, I'm just not suffering fools today. It is somewhat liberating to not be beholden to others for once. I think that this is all prompted by meeting someone who I consider to fall into the categories of 'slightly slimy', 'ingrate' and 'incompetent'. It's a good enough trio to annoy me as none of these personality traits are completely fixed in the person due to the lower levels at which they can be seen. I just keep getting this feeling that I
a) want to smack them way down to the ground and then
b) wash myself with some kind of caustic soap afterwards.

To try and dispel these thoughts I shall now go and flex my SUPERPOWERS (rar!!!) on the Superheroes app on Facebook. Beating up nameless faces with moves such as 'make the front of X's knickers wet', 'add toxic mushrooms to X's food' and 'phase through X and stop their heart' is really quite satisfying :p

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