Wednesday, 2 April 2008

E-bay sucked my life away

Argh! Only meant to 'pop' onto e-bay to leave feedback for some stuff that I bought for my mum and I ended up spending almost my entire lunch break on there. I just had to forcibly remove myself by hitting random link buttons off of the toolbar in order to remove those oh-so tempting lists from my eyes. I'm sure that I'm not the only one who get sucked in and I'm equally as sure that I'm not the only one who starts out with all the best intentions (I'll just check this out and then do something else....) which does make me feel better I have to say. This time I got caught out looking at ball winders. One of the ladies at my knitting group had bought hers along last night and I can't believe how amazing they are! I always had plans to get one at some point in the vaguely distant future but hadn't ever really looked into it before. Now its top of my hit list. The idea of having centre pull balls of wool to knit from is just too much to bear- imagine how wonderful that would be (if you can. I'm not sure the non-knitters among you will appreciate it at all). It would almost be as marvelous as pre-sliced bread. Better in fact as so far I've been knitting from the equivalent of an unsliced loaf for years.
Anyway, apologies once again for the knitting orientated talk. It wasn't really my intention ot always talk about knitting but I don't have that many outlets for my enthusiasm so you'll just have to bear with me. Which reminds me- you all HAVE to check out this website. This lady makes the BEST knitted toys EVER!!! I am deeply awed.
Eeek, have slipped back to knitting again. The only other things that I can think to talk about right now are kittens and insects and I'm not sure how much of an improvement either of those subjects might be. Did find some specimens collected by Darwin yesterday that where thought to be lost. They appear to be squishy larvae so not all that overwhelming really.

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