Thursday, 17 April 2008

Look it gets worse!

Got up this morning and the lump on my arm has gotten even bigger!! Didn't sleep to well because it was burning so much so decided that maybe it was time to go and get some drugs to deal with it. So I stopped off at a pharmacy on the way into work and showed it to the pharmacist so that they could give me the correct antihistamines. The lady behind the counter gave me a horrified look and told me to visit the doctors...
So off to the doctors I went who also looked at it in a slightly horrified way but seemed to think that it was just a rather strong reaction on my part rather than any kind of infection. This didn't stop her from prescribing the third course of antibiotics I have had in a month- just in case. I also got a note to take with me to the chemists that told me the kind of antihistamines that I needed to find (no point prescribing these as it made it more expensive). I have personally prescribed myself some painkillers to go with my other tablets so once again, I rattle when I walk. At least it is not so itchy at the moment. When I got up this morning it was driving me crazy and I could have scratched the skin right off of my arm whilst maintaining a huge smile the whole time. Now I'm in work it is proving to be annoying in another way- the arm is so swollen that I can't hold it against my body properly or lift anything with my right hand. It's okay if I can rest my arm on the desk as it holds the lump away from my body but when walking around I have to do a terminator impression and hold my guns away from my body. Makes me look angry...grrr!

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