Tuesday, 15 April 2008

I'm back

and busy as hell! We arrived back in the county late Sunday evening and since then its been one long run of job after job after job. I have finally manged to find a minute or two to catch up with other things so I shall give you a brief summary (and I mean brief) of what I've been up to over the last week or so.

Sat 5th: Drove from Oxford to Gairloch. We left at 6:30am and arrived at the lighthouse where we were staying at 10pm. We met the snow at Perth, stopped off at the New Lanark Woollen Mill and got rained on in Inverness.

Sun 6th: Spent the day in Gairloch, in the pub with our friends and their wee one (the main reason for travelling all that way- to meet the new person) and then crawled into the local backpackers hostel.

Mon 7th: Spent the morning hanging out and recovering from the day before, before heading off to the Isle of Skye. We had booked our own little cottage for the evening where we managed to beat the Jigsaw puzzle challenge. Rock on!

Tues 8th: Potter around Skye. Stopped off at Shilsadair wool shop and spent LARGE quantities of money on beautiful wool. We then headed off to Creanlarich where a grumpy Scottish lady let us stay in one of her wooden wigwams. But only after sniffing at us.

Wed 9th: Drove to Glasgow, dropped the best friend off at the train station and then beetled off to Prestwick to see the parents-in-law.

We were then in Prestwick until Sunday, catching up with friends and family and generally having a good time. I took lots of lovely photographs, the best of which I shall put up on my blog and add in all the funny stories for you. But seeing as all my pictures are on film it might take me a while to do.

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