Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Wasp sting

Not sure how well the photo will come out but what you should be able to see is a picture of the aftermath of me being stung by a queen wasp yesterday evening. It doesn't hurt as much as it did then but the poison has spread out during the day and it now looks much more impressive. It has two areas to it- the inner bit is really hard and bright red and is the bit that hurts the most. Its really hot to the touch. The patch around it is a lighter red and not so swollen but it marks the extent of the poison where it has spread through my arm. I'm quite impressed that it has spread down my arm towards the elbow rather than up. I think that that would have been worse as I'm sure the lymphatic glands would have gotten all swollen as well which really is quite painful.
Had to tweak the colours the bit to make it show but its not too far off the truth. It's just starting to get itchy like mosquito bites do. That will annoy me!

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