Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Last week

Just disappeared on me I'm afraid! I have no recollection of what I was doing for most of the time other than avoiding the creepy chap who was visiting the department for the week. I think I worked out what it was that was bothering me however- he kept invading my personal space. For some reason every time he came into my office to ask me to move a specimen this involved him walking right into the room and standing just off of my shoulder- it made me quite uncomfortable and it was more than a little wearing so come friday I was exhausted.
I do remember how I spent some of my evenings though. The husband and I had the chance to have a few games of darts now that we have the board up in the kitchen. I actually managed to beat him in one game which I have to admit was probably fluke. I'm really not very good- my darts seem to twist as I throw them so they get lots of spin and I'm only hitting what I aim at about one tenth of the time. But I score consistently and just well enough that it means the husband has to concentrate on what he's doing. We also invested in some ping-pong paddles and balls and shall be making use of the table in the nearby park at some point. We meant to go thursday evening but it was really windy so we played on the kitchen table instead. The husband managed to get 6/6 balls into the cat tray in the space of 40 mins. I made him disinfect and wash each of them after use.

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