Friday, 7 March 2008

The midnight duck

I've got a bill,
It's going to make you ill,
Whip crack,
Hear me quack,
I'll take on the Killer Ninja Penguin,
I'll make him sing,
When I smack him with my wing,
I am the midnight duck
I don't give a fuck,
I'll rhyme what I like,
Feel my might,
I have you in my sights,
I'll take you down,
And make you drown,
At midnight, in my duck pond.

The husbands new persona is the 'Midnight Duck'. This came about after he tried to tell me this morning that he was 'as dark as midnight' (this was whilst I still waking up in bed and he was getting dressed after his shower) which I heard as 'a duck at midnight' hence the Midnight Duck was born. I have had to put up with really, really, bad puns all morning.
I need more sleep.

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