Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Now I know

what a bug feels like after its been stamped on. Have spent the last few days in agony after pulling various muscles throughout my back and left shoulder. It wasn't too bad until it started to impinge on my knitting and now it's just pissing me off. The worst part is that I have more lifting to do this afternoon and tomorrow- I know, I know, I should just NOT do the lifting and find something else to do but the problem is that we have a deadline for this particular bit of work so I don't have that happy option. So I shall just have to keep gobbling the painkillers and hope that it all works out well in the end. Our diptera collections will look super pimp by the end of it all however so that makes it worth it in my mind :)
Talking of flies here are some pictures. The first is of a bee fly which belongs to the family Bombylidae and the other is a robber fly which belongs to the Asilidae. These are two of my favourite fly families- mostly because they are fluffy.

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