Friday, 7 March 2008

The morning after the night before

Thursday was heralded in by the insistent beeping of the alarm that went off at 6 and which I could have murdered with a hammer (I like to think of the alarm clock as a sentient being as I want it to feel pain when I thump it each morning- I am not a morning person). The husband had been instructed to let me sleep in on this occasion which was well needed as I had had insomnia after getting home and had very little quality sleep as a consequence. I do remember him getting up and trying to be quiet which is not something that he does well but I was too tired to notice much more. I also remember we had a conversation and he bought me a drink and rescued my phone from my coat pocket. The theory was that I would drink my drink which was a lovely cold bottle of coke (bizarrely I was feeling a bit dehydrated. I put it down to the bus being too warm on the way back) and set myself an alarm on my phone for about 8 which would give me a little more time to sleep and get me into work at a reasonable hour. As it was I fell straight back to sleep again clutching my phone in one hand and a bottle of coke in the other.
I was woken up at 9:30 by the bin men which was incredibly disorientating but not as weird as finding myself still holding the bottle of coke which was now warm. It took me until 11 to drag myself in to work but that was okay as I had put in extra hours in preparation for this and I'm working all day this coming Saturday as well. I feel that 11 wasn't too bad in the grand scheme of things. I spent the day feeling a bit old and worn out and very, very, tired. We did lots of insect sorting though and put a great deal of things away into new storage so I was super productive despite that fact that thinking made my brain hurt. When I got home I curled up on the sofa and listened to my copy of 'Anasi Boys' by Neil Gaimen which I have just purchased as an Audible book. I did a bit more knitting on my sock and stroked the kittens who where in a funny mood and couldn't decide whether they wanted to sleep on us or just near us. The husband got the chance to watch most of two different football games which made him super happy but not as happy as I was when I finally crawled back into my bed at about 9:30.

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