Friday, 7 March 2008

The name is Mortimer

Aaah! Such a busy week. I have been run ragged over the last three days and no mistake, so now I shall have to put all my posts on at once. Firstly we shall step back in time three days to last Tuesday (insert shimmery effect here) when work was overflowing with visitors and I was getting a workout from trotting up and down the length of the department and hopping up and down stairs.
I started extra early and put a bunch of stuff out in the new displays (which are starting to look super pimp by the way and I hope everyone shall be dropping by to visit them at some point) and then had to field visitors for the rest of the day. Come 5 I was supposed to be rushing out of the door and to my knitting group but decided to wait on the husband instead who had a doctors appointment. It turns out that he has blocked tear ducts in one of his eyelids which is why it looks a bit lumpy. One assumes its because they don't flush through properly i.e. because he doesn't cry enough (at least that was where my logic took me) but despite my best offers he declined to let me provoke lachryma by means of blunt force. Big wuss that he is.
So anyway, I hung round the department to await him which gave me a chance to pick up the stitches from my provisional cast on for my black socks which are knitted toe up. This is the first time that I have attempted to knit them this way and although a little fiddly I found the method easy enough. I just wish that I hadn't chosen black wool to try this with for the first time as it makes the stitches almost impossible to see. Well, I got the fiddly bit out of the way just as the husband made it back to work to collect the car and I managed to blag a lift to knitting so I turned up in time to get a pimp seat and have some leek and potato soup that was yummy though a little lacking in seasoning.
I then had to leave knitting early to get to the theatre in town as we where going out to see a production of Terry Pratchett's book 'Mort' thanks to a kindly friend who pointed out that it was on. Now I would have been on time for this had the husband not told me that I was completely wrong in thinking that the entrance was where I thought it was and instead provided me with instructions on how to get to what turned out to be the back of the theatre. After hanging around for a few minutes I thought 'bugger this' and went a bought sweets. After finding the front (which was where I thought it was) and our friends (who had the all important ticket) I then had to spend 20 mins worriedly pacing up and down looking for the other half as he was late. REALLY late. They had just threatened to shut the doors on me and I was making a last desperate bid to leave the ticket on the front desk when he bowled through the doors, puffing like a steam engine as he'd just run half way across the city. We then had to rush through to our seats, seconds before the lights went down and fill up on skittles for dinner. The play was surprisingly good. I hadn't really been sure what to expect as Pratchett adaptations are hard to do because of all the scene changes but the script was well written, sympathetic to the story with all the important bits left in and most of the good jokes. The acting was good enough to evoke laughs but not quite fluid enough to say that it was brilliant. But it was as student production and all things considered they did bloody well. The only thing that made me wince a bit was the crap props- and I don't mean ones that where constrained by budget as that's understandable. I'm talking about the ones where it was lack of care and attention to detail. If they had taken a little more time, or had someone with a little more skill doing the props then it wouldn't have been so bad but as it was I think that they where lacking that person in their troupe and had concentrated on other things.
But I really enjoyed it and was very glad that I got out of the house for once. We had to do a mad dash back so that I could prep for a formal dinner I was going to the next day but that's Wednesdays story...

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