Friday, 7 March 2008

The Verrall Supper

So, now we are up to Wednesday.
Wednesday evening was spent attending the Verrall Supper at Imperial College in London which is the one night of the year when entomologists come together from all over the country and have a real good piss up under the name of 'formal dinner'. The only problem is that we normally leave from work to attend this event so I either have to put on my formal wear and go into work wearing it in the morning or carry a ton of stuff into work with me. On this occasion I chose to wear the dress but take the straightening irons into work as the alarm clock went off at 6 and there was no way I'd have enough time to pretty myself up otherwise. So I put on my yellow dress and sensible flat shoes and packed the high heels and make-up into a bag. Upon arrival to work I then had to straighten and put my hair up in a complicated twist- I must admit to feeling a right twit when the cleaner walked in to find me in formal wear at 8 in the morning. I then had to flounce round the department all day trying to pretend that this was what I normally wore. We had a visitor in for his first visit to the department and I answered the door in a cocktail dress and pashmina. I have no idea what he must have thought.
Anyway, we left around 3 and met others on the bus which made me feel better as there was now 5 of us looking foolish together. We had a nice journey into London and upon arrival there I had the chance to do my make-up and make final adjustments to the outfit so that at 6:30 I walked out of the ladies loos looking fresh faced and properly attired for a formal dinner.
I met other friends there, drank far too much red wine and although I don't think I managed to do anything silly as a consequence I did feel crap the next day. It was deserved.
I got home at about 1:30 on Thursday and sneaked into bed in an attempt not to wake the husband up in the knowledge that the alarm was going off at 6 the next morning. So all was well up until that point and then Thursday struck...

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