Thursday, 28 February 2008

I deserve a pat

For being a very good girl and remembering to not only buy my mum a card but some flowers as well for mothering sunday. Not that she will get them on sunday as the delivery charge was extortionate! So she is getting them tomorrow instead. I realise that this may seem a bit cheap-skateish on my part but it did mean that I had more money to spend on flowers that way. I also got cards for the mother-in-law (the husband recently forgot her birthday so I get even more brownie points this way) and both mine and the husbands grandmothers- and yes, I know that I don't have to as they are not our mothers but I did it last year and the grandmother-in-law was tickled pink so I'm repeating it this year. If it makes people happy then it can only be a good thing. And I got to buy this cool card that I can't stop giggling at- silly really aren't I?

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