Tuesday, 12 February 2008

In his honour

Just in case any of you have any interest in this at all I have patched in a link so that you can visit my soon-to-be-ex boss at his new website.
You can expect to be seeing him on your television sets quite a bit over the coming months. I have to say that I really, really wish him all the best for his new career- I haven't meet anyone with quite so much drive and enthusiasm for a career and he really has pursued this with exemplary amounts of vigour and tenacity. He is technically a Zoologist so expect to see him holding all sorts of weird and wonderful wildlife but especially look out for the insects of which we should see more than anything else. So a great big HOORAY goes out to him, as anyone who can get people interested in insects deserves a great big round of applause. I'm holding out for him getting a spot on 'I'm a Celebrity- Get me out of here!' within the next couple of years. Although some might say that was a little unfair as any insect eating competitions would be a walk over but it would be great to see someone chomping down on some mealworms with relish- in fact, I can imagine him asking for relish, knife, fork and napkin and sitting down as though to dinner!

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