Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Hoshi is a lady now

My little kitten is experiencing her first bout of hormones and now she is looking for a nice young male pussy cat to slink around the back of the shed with. You can tell this by the way she is yrowling every two minutes and running up to the doors if you look like you are leaving the house. There is also much tail wiggling and preening of fur. Aah, my baby is all grown up. It's like having a teenager in the house who is just starting to date and stay out late on Saturday nights. As long as she doesn't start drinking cider and shouting 'I hate you! You don't understand me' then all will be well.
I must admit that I am having to avoid the temptation to 'accidentally' leave the back door open so that we can have a few more kittens around the house. But I can't do that if only because I would not be able to give them away and then we'd end up with hundreds of them and I would become a mad old cat lady before reaching 30. That and the husband may leave me :)

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