Monday, 4 February 2008

Bouncing grandmothers

Apologies for the unnatural and eeire silence that had fallen over my blog for the last couple of days or so. My nana had a fall last thursday and broke her hip so my mind has been occupied with worrying about that. She was out walking when she fell and luckily, managed to slip on some ice in front of some other people who where out walking. I say luckily as it was bloody cold the day she was out and had she not been spotted then there could have been all sorts of horrible consequences due to exposure etc. As it was she was in an ambulance and on her way to hospital within about 10 minutes. Two days later she had had her operation to fix all the broken bits and the latest news has it that she is recovering well in hospital, if a little slowly. This means that my brain is allowed to think of other things occassionally though that mostly consists of 'ow' at the moment as I make it onto day 5 of my headache. I am very impressed by this, if somewhat pained, but I bought myself an Audible subscription this morning to cheer myself up so now I can listen to Terry Pratchett novels whilst waiting for the top of my head to unscrew itself. This months treat is 'Jingo' as I hadn't read it in ages and had a bit of craving for a Sam Vimes story. Next month I'm really going to struggle as there are too many other titles to pick from but I'm thinking Carpe Jugulum at the moment. Check back in about 5 mins to see what I have decided to get instead- and then in about 5 mins after that....

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