Thursday, 14 February 2008

Happy Valentines Day

I'm not one for celebrating Valentines Day- it is a Clintons cards anniversary event after all but today I am having a happy day and thought I would spread the warmth. The husband bought me a special jar of marmite that has champagne in it and then threw in some cheese to make the perfect lunchtime sandwich. Plus I have that really yummy cashmere wool to cuddle all evening and first thing this morning I was presented with a packet of love hearts which was a ridiculously sweet gesture and made me smile like a cheshire cat. We are also planning to go to the cinema this evening to see Sweeny Todd (finally!!!) if we are not too tired (although I am tempted to leave it a day or two as it might be a bit busy tonight). As a happy coincidence I have also been given a tube of erotylids to play with and watched some banjo duels on the internet as a lunchtime treat. Having said all this however I do expect the afternoon to be terribly boring which will be a bit of a downer but have just remembered that there is steak for tea tonight. Mmmmmm, cow.
Oh, and something that everybody must look at is this picture of the sweetest little piglet in the world :)

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