Monday, 18 February 2008

Baby cat

Ahh, my little fuzz ball has gone to the vets to day to have some surgery done :(
Am now worried about her terribly despite the fact that it is a routine operation that they must do on a daily basis. But its different when its your own fur baby. Once she's been neutered though we will be able to let the kittens out to play in the garden whenever they want and she won't have to put up with any pesky boys bothering her all the time. It's just the right time of year as well. As soon as it starts to get light enough in the evenings we will be able to let them out when we get home from work and if they are good and complete their pavlovian training we will be able to let them out during the day as well via the automatic cat flap which I know they will love. I don't think they mind being house cats as they often choose to stay inside even when they are allowed out but I also think that they are getting a bit bored being stuck in the house all day. They are teenage cats now and big enough to look after themselves. They have lots of energy and are trying to put their little paw prints of independence all over the house- so better that they get to do that outside rather than all over my furniture. At the moment they are working on tunneling through the kitchen ceiling (via the flood hole that we inherited when we bought the place) into the bathroom so that they can play upstairs during the day. They obviously need a better outlet for their energies!

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