Tuesday, 12 February 2008

All my wool

As you can see I have been gathering wool lately. Mmmm, wool. The stuff on the left is what I spent all my money on when I was in Cambridge at the weekend- I was out shopping with the best friend (so much fun).
And the stuff on the right is my Valentines present. A day or two early I realise but it wasn't really the most romantic of gifts in the first place seeing as how I picked it, found the website, ordered it and then made the husband enter his bank details. Oh, and I did let him help pick the colours. Am very happy with it however. The plum coloured stuff is cashmere and is just so, so lovely. The rest is for various projects that I now have no excuse not to be moving along with. If I could only find the time to get some sleep and then catch up with all the rest of the stuff I should have done then I will be able to get on with doing my knitting. I have been carrying bags of knitting around for the last four days and done all of 3 rows I think. This has got to change or I am going to go mad!

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