Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Dear me

It seems that I need to blow the dust off of my blog! So quick update- Hoshi is all alright and has even started to grow her fur back. I finally managed to get some knitting done last week though I didn't manage to get the house cleaned (at all). We finally got around to doing some digging in the garden last weekend so I now have a wonky raised border that I shall fill with compost and plant things in and I already have some seeds out in cold frames which I now watch avidly to try and spy the first green shoot. I went through all my seeds the other day and made a really geeky list detailing when they have to planted out and have plans for a wall chart. Other than that all is quiet on the home front. My nana is back home and on the slow yet steady road to recovery.
There are lots of exciting things to come over the next week or so though so watch this space!

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