Friday, 10 August 2007

Facebook photos are just an embarassment

At least all mine are.
Have just discovered the Spetses 07 tour photos and whilst everyone else looks great in all their photos I look terrible. Really terrible. It's either that or I have a really warped perspective on what I actually look like. Is it a bit like listening to your own voice on recordings? I'd swear that mine is nothing like me- its always much deeper which is rather worrying as I already think that my voice is a bit deep for a girl.
Oh god, can't believe that I've actually thought about this- and at length.
But its true, I'm just not the goddess that I consider myself to be when I can't see myself. Whenever I look in the mirror or see pictures of myself I'm always surprised that anyone was enough of a sucker to marry me (love you honey, but really, I still don't get what it is you see in me). On a good day I've gotta be a 6 max and that's only because I make the effort to tell all the boys just how wonderful they all are which wins me extra points via ego stroking, but on a day-to-day basis then maybe only a 4 or a 4.something, if I'm feeling generous.
I shall just have to use the husbands scale at all times which has me sitting at a ten regardless of lighting, clothes, alcoholic intake, time, day or potential for getting naked.
I realise that this is a horribly girly comment to make and NO I'm NOT fishing for compliments just before you all reach the island of conclusions, but it would be nice if someone else told me it once in a while. I've been chatted up once in the last four years and that was by a guy who was so drunk he had to hold onto a table to remain upright. Like that made me feel real special.
Hmm have spiralled off on a badly explained tangent. It's just unfair that everyone else can be so photogenic and I'm not at all. And now all the pictures have been published on the web!
I might as well just give up completely and start wearing the husbands clothes, stop shaving my legs and throw out anything I own with glitter on it. No one is ever going to consider me attractive ever again. I'm officially a wife- someone who cleans up after the boys have been out drinking, cooks the fry up in the morning, can be called upon to reliably repair clothes and ask to recommend gift ideas for other girls.
Any ideas how I get out of this one without resorting to a divorce (I do rather like the husband after all)???

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