Saturday, 11 August 2007

Mario Strikers stole my husband

The husband has now been awake for approx 2 hours. 99% of that time has been spent playing Mario Strikers on the Wii. In order to keep myself entertained I have had three cups of tea, some cereal and have littered facebook and the internet in general with messages for anyone and everyone that I know as I MISS YOU ALL RIGHT NOW!
I attempted to read funny excerpts from my messages, or even ones that other people had left for me. This worked for the first line or so but then I realised that the attention had once again snapped back to the TV screen. I've been told off twice for getting in the way of play and I still couldn't tear him away from it with pictures of someones bathroom that they had decorated with Red Soxs stuff (it is so cool; I particularly liked the baseball bat towel rail and I even offered to deck ours out like that). As a final test I saucily flashed a big of leg to see whether unexpected nudity would do the trick. The fact that I am now typing this up should tell you how well that worked.

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