Sunday, 12 August 2007

It's the end of the world!

Argh! I can't get into my herald e-mail account! They shut it down to do maintenance yesterday but now its completely buggered and we can't get into it. It's like someone has cut off one of my limbs. Its not even like I have any particular need to get in there its just that I CAN'T! Its so annoying- incredibly annoying- superly hugely fantastically annoying.
The worst part is is the compulsion to check the damn thing every half hour. I even woke up early this morning and one of my first thoughts was 'I wonder if my e-mails working'. Ordinarily I don't really bother with checking it at weekends (I mean, its not like I actually get that many e-mails (short pause for moment of self-pity)) so all this fuss is driving me mad.

Its all over- I really have been sucked in...

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