Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Things to rant about

Okay, so to be honest I'm merely killing time whilst on my lunch break and so have nothing amusing, interesting or necessarily important to say.
Other than to exclaim over how wonderful Wikipedia is (but then everyone knows that don't they?), tell y'all how excited I am that we will be getting our kittens in FOUR DAYS!!! (eeeeeee!!!) and to say that I have now nearly finished puli handbag number 2. I am super impressed with myself for this as I have done it in double quick time. Its about 83% done- I have posted the large chunk today so that my mum can get started on the next step of handbag construction. I will be trying to finish off the last of it tonight and then I'm going to take a short break and do something for me. Have a hankering to finish the green monster so that I can flounce round with it on at my party though I'm not sure that this is a realistic goal.
Ahh, the trials of being grown up with a full time job!
Speaking of which......had better get back to it!

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