Wednesday, 22 August 2007


Ah! So much wool... Have been having a rummage through my stash and have discovered two things. Firstly, I have much more than I thought I had and secondly, that its still not enough. I do have a lot of bits however which I shall be attempting to offload over the next couple of weeks. We are running a charity fundraising event through our knitting group in a couple of weeks (all non-knitters welcome, needles and wool provided, tea and coffee free) so should be able to get rid of a bit of it then. I really hope that we get a good turn out for it. It involves knitting up lots of tiny bobble hats to go on top of innocent smoothies- they then sell these through Sainsburys and 47p per bottle sold goes to Age Concern. Rather a cool idea I thought. They even supply wool and bobbles so all you need to do it knit it up and its the easiest pattern in the whole world. So I'm going to be recruiting all the boys to come along and at least attempt one bobble hat- it is for charity after all! (You have been warned...)

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