Tuesday, 28 August 2007

One long daymare

I had horrible dreams last night.
I can't remember them all that well other than they played on my job insecurities and the awful mess that was Indonesia. What I can remember is that it involved stress and tears and sadness and now that I've woken up none of it seems to have gone away. I've been feeling gloomy all day and even chocolate has failed to help. Does everyone get this after dreams? The husband always says that he can never remember dreams, nor do they affect him unless they wake him up for some reason whereas I have been feeling sorry for myself ever since I woke up.
But then I dream almost every night. They are generally vivid and lengthy and I seem to get a lot of dejavu from them. So I'm either mental, in touch with the spirit world or vastly more intelligent in some weird synaptic way. I always been a problem solver and I love puzzles and patterns and I'm more capable at jobs involving visual stimulation (hence I suck at music and have a bit of a tin ear) so it probably is just my brain going into overdrive and reshuffling all the pictures and memories but I mean really, am I the only one who gets it this strongly?

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