Thursday, 9 August 2007

Whilst I'm here

Need some help on this one- how do you go about signing off on e-mails. I mean, what is the etiquette when you know someone but you don't know them well enough to put 'xxx' at the end but you want to convey some sort of affection? And what does 'xxx' mean anyway? I'm assuming that this changes with regards to the person your writing to. I guess it can mean anything from 'kisses' to 'much love' to 'I want to fuck your brains out' but how do you know that the other person is going to interpret this correctly?
It's a real minefield for me at times, esp. when writing to men. I both love and loathe e-mail as a primary form of communication (which, lets face it, it has become). It's quick, easy, people are more willing to respond etc BUT it's also seems impersonal (facebook is a prime example of this), is often easy to misconstrue, take out of context and its very hard to really understand any emotional meaning sometimes. I much prefer just talking to people which has it's limitations as well I realise but at least you can be equally confused by both seeing and hearing what the other person is trying to say rather than missing half of the interaction to begin with. It's like doing a jigsaw without the picture to refer to.
Maybe it's just me overthinking things again; a common problem with me I realise as I have plenty of time to think whilst knitting or doing boring jobs at work, and I would say that this is particularly true with regards to messages to men folk. I think I'm crediting you (you know who) with far too much deep of character and potential for complexity. I was sorta talking about this the other day in fact, and the only two solutions to this that came out where that men are either too dum to notice or are just hoping that it will all go away.
I think it covers most bases.

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