Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Bank Holiday Weekend

I have just had a lovely lovely weekend- and what did I do with my time? I did some gardening. Yep, that's about all I did and I LOVED it. The husband and I did lots of terribly grown up things like cutting the grass, going to the dump, stacking bricks, digging in compost and laying out the vegetable patch. It made us feel as though we had done a lot with our weekend even though in terms of number of hours spent working the total was quite low. We managed to have a lie in every morning, followed by a slow lunchtime start. We then spent the afternoons in the garden enjoying the small amount of sunshine that we had. We finished at about 7 each evening, had some dinner, fed the cats and then settled in to watch the telly and play cribbage.
Cribbage is a relatively new fascination for us. I bought a pegging board for the husband the other weekend when we where doing our monster charity shop run to say thank you for coming to the shops with me. The only reason he wanted it was because some of the Red Sox players play cribbage. Anyway, so we invested in a pegging board and then spent a few hours puzzling through the rules. We then gave up on cribbage until a friend of ours popped over on Friday night and taught us how to play (bizarre twist of fate there). We are now temporarily addicted to cribbage and have been playing on and off all weekend. The best thing about it is that the games do not take too long so you can sit down for a quick game and get up again within twenty minutes- it doesn't just suck your life away like a lot of the other games that we end up playing.
Anyway, that aside.
So the garden is looking great- with any luck we will be getting a ton of veg out of it though I can imagine that it will all come at once and we will be forced to give most of it away (I mean, just how many leeks can one person eat in a week?). All of my tomatoes, lettuces and cucumbers have now sprouted so we should have a bit of salad stuff as well. The gourds that my mum gave us (purely ornamental) are doing well though I think they'd do better in a more sunny position but I used that for the veg so they'll just have to struggle on. I will make sure that they get fed lots to try and encourage them along a bit as I really want them to grow up and under the outside porch bit on strings as I think it will look cool. I've done a quick map of the vegetable plot so that y'all can see what we've got going down. Whether it all grows or not we shall just have to wait and see!

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